– Blora’s DBM Team held an internal meeting at Sambal Lalap on October 2, 2020.

The internal meeting was attended by Perdifa companions including the Project Leader, Abdul Ghofur. According to Abdul Ghofur, the internal meeting in October, the Perdifa can already advocate for issues in their respective regions. Can be internal team or external team. “This October, the Perdifa should be able to advocate in their respective areas,” said Abdul Ghofur.

The event which started at 10.00 WIB was conducted in an unsuitable form of a Public speaking event at the Hotel last month. That is, the Perdifa must be able to regulate the steps of each of their respective problems.

Siti Muntarin, the companion of Perdifa Banjarejo, said that the group meeting in the future should be able to become a practice material for Perdiaf “at the Public speaking event yesterday, the Perdifa must be able to talk in front, so in the next group meeting we will use it for practice” suggested the disabled woman activist.

The results of the internal meeting are as follows; 1. Schedule of Work Program in October 2. Schedule community meeting activities in Kunduran. 3. distribution of roles on Youtube, Website and Marketing 4. Presentation of Progress and Obstacles to the Perdifa meeting using the Issue Management Terms of Reference The internal meeting event is closed around 16.00 WIB.

DBM Team

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