Blora – Physical limitations do not prevent a person with a disability in Kunduran District from registering as a TPS Supervisor. Is Aleg Susanto, a person with physical disabilities, a resident of Kunduran District, has registered himself as the Supervisor of TPS 07 in Buloh Village. At around 10.00 WIB, Aleg came to the Kunduran District Panwaslu Office accompanied by a friend to hand over his registration documents. Kunduran District Panwaslu HR Division Coordinator, Siti Hanna said she was proud of Aleg’s attitude who had a strong desire to become a TPS Supervisor. “When we interviewed, Mas Aleg wanted to prove his ability. He also said he did not want to be pitied because of his limitations. That proves that Mas Aleg has a strong desire. ” Said Hanna. Meanwhile, when asked about the requirements for the TPS Supervisor, namely being able to operate a smartphone, Aleg said that he could. “I can use Android, I can write, I can operate a laptop too.” Bright Aleg. In a different place, the Coordinator of the Human Resources Division and the Bawaslu Organization for Blora Regency, Achmad Rozak, said that Bawaslu opens the widest possible opportunity for the people in Blora Regency to register to become PTPS. With a note, the registrant can meet the requirements as specified in the technical guidelines (juknis) that Bawaslu has determined. “Anyone can register, as long as they meet the conditions that have been determined. Willing to work full time, never being a member of a political party at least within five years, and so on, “he said.

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